Stories have been always shared over a good meal …..

 When I like someone, I say we should have dinner. Food brings my family together and becomes a story in itself. When you eat somIMG_1503ething, your brain is always comparing it to what you’ve had previously and it tries to find a similarity. The more powerful the story behind the food, the more it evokes the memory which in turn enhances the flavor. There is no doubt that flavor is inextricablP1040408y linked with memory and emotion. For my family, it is a way of remembering holidays and big life events such as birthdays and anniversaries and in addition the trips we make to far away places.

Behind every meal and different foods that we eat lies a history and geography, botany and genetics, processing technology and high romance. The ingredients of the food we enjoy have come to us from many parts of the world. For thousands of years, food plants have made their way across oceans and continents to be adopted, adapted, nurtured and cherished. We still like to prepare and enjoy our food in ways our parents cooked.P1040456

Most of us were born before the age of the foodie took hold, and we now find ourselves somewhere in the middle of that journey, adapting as best as we can to a time when admitting you don’t know what sous-vide means is like admitting you don’t know who Peyton Manning is. And I am going to go one step further to state that it is not elitist to enjoy good food and it is not elitist to enjoy good cooking with simple ingredients but are of good quality.P1030280




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