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First and Lasting Impressions of Japan

  An invisible sense of efficiency and a non-intrusive level of politeness weaves through the landscape of Japanese society as sinuously and naturally as rivers do. Surgically clean train platforms where people wait in line to board and once in no one talks on the mobile phone. It is hard to describe, but for me […]
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Feeling Like a Visitor in Jaffna-My Home

All of you who are reading this post know that my blog is named “A Journey from Jaffna”. I am very proud to say that I am from Jaffna and have many fond memories of growing up there. I am proud of Jaffna because I feel that I am a product of a city whose […]
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Mobile Photography – 2

Here are some more photographs taken with my iPhone during my travels.  

Mobile Photography 1 – Travel

I was always interested in travel photography. But carrying a decent SLR camera on your neck or an accessory bag has always discouraged me for obvious reasons. Mobile Photography – using your mobile communication device for capturing your travel memories – is very convenient and also the ease of use is another big reason for […]
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Travel 3 – Celebrity Sightings

  I thought of writing on a light hearted topic as my next blog post, somewhat deviating from all of my previous posts. I have been a business traveler for the last two decades and probably have flown over 2 million miles during that time. The law of chances should indicate that I should have […]
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Travel 2- Lonely Business Traveler

There is something about traveling. It takes you out of your comfort zone and everything you see and experience is new and exciting. As a family, we have traveled extensively every summer during the last two decades on family vacations as travel is meant to foster a sense of wonder and discovery which has as […]
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Travel 1 – First Impressions of China

  My wife and I visited China recently for about 12 days and we spent reasonable amount of time in three cities – Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing. In terms of our expectations of visiting China, the culture shock we experienced was much subtler than our experiences in India and other Asian countries. The rapid development […]
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