Mobile Photography 1 – Travel

I was always interested in travel photography. But carrying a decent SLR camera on your neck or an accessory bag has always discouraged me for obvious reasons.

Mobile Photography – using your mobile communication device for capturing your travel memoriesis very convenient and also the ease of use is another big reason for my dependence on my iPhone to take pictures during travel, work functions, dinner parties and even weddings.

The iPhone makes it easy to shoot, store and share my photographs. Here are some of them taken during my travels, or peeking out of my office window at one of the offices I was working that day or during a city tour.These photos were taken during the past five years using the various versions of the iPhone – 3,4,5 and 6.

I guess the next evolutionary step for amateur photographers like me –who are not very skilled in the technical process of photography- is to become more of observers of everyday life and also to provide social commentaries on what we capture.


Taken at the Guggenheim Museum, NY


Taken from a boat in the Everglades, FL


Taken in a natural setting in Arizona


A Cactus in Arizona


Empire State Building taken during a walk in NY city


Taken while walking along the Bund in Shangahi


Summer palace of Chinese emperors in Beijing

2 thoughts on “Mobile Photography 1 – Travel

  1. I started getting more into photography since I had a recent trip to New Zealand. I even bought a “nice” camera – mostly because my Iphone is always out of space so photos are limited. I am definitely an amateur, but just having the photographer outlook let’s me see things in a different perspective and observe things a little more carefully. Thanks for the post!

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